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Thursday, August 11, 2011

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Samsung Tablet PC

Tablet PC is referring to a new type of mobile computer smaller than a netbook or laptop but bigger than a smartphone.
Although Apple iPad showed his creativity by many other manufacturers are struggling to join the tablet revolution with the launch of products with its operating system Google Android. With competitive prices than the IPAD, Android tablet PC is becoming increasingly popular in the market. Here are reviews of the upper three Android this year.

Samsung Galaxy Android 2.3 Tablet
Samsung Galaxy Tab is a 7-inch tablet tablet computers increased gun before Google Android is ready, but since the first legal challenge to the iPad. Samsung’s second attempt in the tablet market seems much more powerful. Running Android Official pills this time, in mid-2011. Android 2.3 tablet is equipped with 3G, and use the internet rocks. In addition, this device is heavier than the iPhone as the product size is 190.1 x 120.4 x 11.98 mm, weighs 375 grams. This is one of Samsung PC 7-inch tablet PC with a 8.9-inch model plastic.The may prove to be the most attractive, because it is a little smaller than 10 inches as pellets IPAD and Xoom, 
may be a little tricky to hold and data entry.

10-Inch Tablet PC Motorola Xoom
Tablet PC use Xoom Android Android 3.0 software honeycomb, created by Google, especially for the tablet device. It comes with two cameras, one front and one behind. A player adobe camera and flash. HD display touch screen tablet computer is 10 inches wide and provide users with plenty of room to watch or participate in video conferences. Motorola Xoom is not just a compressed honeycomb in the first place, but also the first tablet to work with the new highway Verizon 4G LTE.
ASUS Eee PC Tablet Android
At CES, ASUS launches the tablet, and three of them were aimed at content creators. The most interesting is the transformer Eee Pad, 10 inch tablet PC with a dual core CPU NVIDIA Tegra Android 3.0 2. Most innovative thing about it is that it has a keyboard station also serves as an optional extended battery, giving the device up to 16 hours of life. ASUS has pulled tablet Android 2.2 also works as a laptop when the variable mode terminals.
How Android tablets can be seen in which gives a direct comparison of prices. Tablet is a relatively new device and became one of the appliances in the world’s most popular. It has many features similar to a smart phone with speed and power the laptop.

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